Performance Tapes for the Optical Industry

Avery Dennison offers a full selection of pressure-sensitive tapes used in the optical industry. Proven in the world’s leading optical laboratories, Avery Dennison optical solutions are engineered with our innovative adhesive technologies. Lens makers, opticians, and the converters and distributors who supply them rely on the ease of use, secure bond, and clean peel of these consumables.

Our products can be found throughout the lens manufacturing and finishing process.

Lens saver during optical lens grinding

Lens saver tapes featuring Avery Dennison adhesives are applied manually to the convex side of a lens, providing a protective film for the surface during grinding. Our adhesives bond securely, and peel cleanly and easily from the lens after de-blocking.

Lens polishing and smoothing

Avery Dennison double-sided, film mounting tapes can be die cut and laminated onto polishing materials, such as sandpaper and felt. They mount securely, with no flagging or lifting, and peel easily and cleanly when the process is finished.

Lens edging and finishing

Double-sided, foam mounting tapes with Avery Dennison adhesives can be die cut into circles or tabs for attachment to an optician’s polishing router. The adhesives provide a secure bond, and allow the tape to peel easily and cleanly after use, with the foams performing reliably, without distortion, even under the high torque and stress of the tool.

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