Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) Tapes

Avery Dennison offers pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes used in chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) processes. Our CMP solutions are relied on by customers in many industries, including leaders in computer processor manufacturing.

CMP tapes align with high quality standards

CMP is used in diverse industries and applications, ranging from electronics to ceramics. The process is a critical step in the production of integrated circuits, where manufacturers must smooth and planarize wafer surfaces to precise specifications.

In these manufacturing environments, consumables are held to extremely high standards. This includes abrasive pad constructions. The adhesives in these constructions must provide a bond that stands up to the forces encountered during a planarizing cycle. They must demonstrate resistance to the chemicals and temperatures that are common in the process. And they must allow easy and clean removal of the constructions when a cycle is completed, supporting a fast and efficient changeover.

Our pressure-sensitive tapes are relied on by leading users of CMP

The Avery Dennison portfolio includes pressure-sensitive tapes specified by some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers and CMP suppliers.

Our solutions provide a strong initial bond, whether used to adhere a primary to a secondary pad, or used to adhere a pad directly to a platen. They hold that bond through the physical, chemical, and temperature stresses of the processing cycle. They peel cleanly and easily from the platen after use.

Technical Support

Through our experience and adhesive expertise in the CMP segment, we understand the qualification and documentation requirements that are usually required for these products. Whether you’re a processor manufacturer or a supplier serving the industry, you can count on our team for the technical support you need to be successful.