Lens & Glass Bonding Tapes

Avery Dennison offers lens and glass bonding tape solutions for mobile phones and tablets, plus other electronic devices.

Adhesive lens and glass bonding solutions for modern electronic devices

As the marketplace for mobile devices has matured, consumer expectations for their appearance, functionality and power has increased. Manufacturers have responded by pushing the boundaries of hardware engineering and design.

Today’s devices are sleeker and lighter than earlier models, and often use glass with a thinner, beveled edge. The foam tapes used to bond parts in these phones are thinner as well. Whereas foam thickness used to range from 400 – 500 microns, device manufacturers now specify tapes as thin as 250 microns.

Many tape converters are being asked to provide more with less: thinner adhesive glass tapes that provide impact resistance for thinner glass.

Multiple lens bonding solutions

Avery Dennison offers multiple solutions for lens and glass bonding tape applications.

  • Our acrylic adhesive solution features a foam that can be customized to the manufacturer’s need—providing excellent impact resistance.

  • Our elastomeric adhesive solution features a customizable foam for high-impact resistance. It also allows the device to be easily disassembled for recycling.

  • For applications where cost is the primary driver of tape choice, Avery Dennison offers a double-coated polyethylene film tape.

The lens and glass bonding tapes you need, when you need them

Device manufacturers and suppliers that choose Avery Dennison enjoy the benefits of working with a leading manufacturer of performance tape products. We have a global footprint, the ability to produce and deliver product quickly and cost-effectively, and the R&D expertise to respond—with agility and flexibility—to the changing needs of the customer and marketplace.

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