Gasketing Tapes for Electronics

Avery Dennison offers a wide range of adhesive gasket tape application solutions for the electronics industry.

The need for gasketing tape materials is growing

Electronic components are finding their way into more and more products—a phenomenon amplified by the evolution of the Internet of Things. The need for proper gasketing and sealing of those electronics from moisture and contaminants is also increasing.

Adhesive expertise for a broad application

Gasketing is a broad application, spanning not only the electronics category, but broader areas of consumer and industrial products. What’s needed is not a single adhesive product for gaskets, or even a selection of products.

Instead, manufacturers and their gasket suppliers need a collaborator with broad expertise in adhesives, and the capability to tailor adhesive technologies to a specific need.

Avery Dennison provides just such expertise and capability. We offer a wide range of adhesives. We can also customize products to meet functional needs, be compatible with various foams, and provide a strong and stable bond on specific substrates.

The gasketing tapes you need, when you need them

Manufacturers and suppliers that choose Avery Dennison benefit from working with a leading adhesive manufacturer. We have a global footprint, the ability to produce and deliver product quickly and cost-effectively, and the R&D expertise to respond—with agility and flexibility—to changing needs of the customer and marketplace.

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