Tapes for Back Light Unit (BLU) Component Assembly

Avery Dennison offers light-blocking adhesive tapes for the assembly of back light units (BLU) in mobile phones and tablets, and other electronic devices.

Double-sided, light-blocking tapes for BLU

Phone and electronic screens with LED technology utilize a BLU to create the full spectrum of colors. To function properly, and deliver the quality consumers expect, the BLU must have a component that prevents any “leakage” of light from its edges.

Avery Dennison offers a double-sided tape with light-blocking properties for this application. The tape is easy to die cut to fit the shape of any LCD screen, and easy to apply during device assembly.

Light blocking adhesives tapes you need, when you need them

Device manufacturers and suppliers that choose Avery Dennison enjoy the added benefits of working with a leading manufacturer of performance tape products. We have a global footprint, the ability to produce and deliver product quickly and cost-effectively, and the R&D expertise to respond—with agility and flexibility—to the changing needs of the customer and marketplace.

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