Adhesive tape solutions for interior surfaces

Avery Dennison offers a wide range of adhesive tapes for interior bonding applications. These tapes offer ease of use combined with quality, strength and durability. 

Manufacturers are looking for ways to make products easier to use

Manufacturers of residential and commercial interior products, including wall coverings, architectural finishes and acoustic panels and flooring, are seeking ways to make installation easier while still delivering the quality, strength and durability that consumers demand. They’re also looking to provide more easy-to-use DIY solutions, such as peel-and-stick materials, for homeowners’ renovation needs.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes from Avery Dennison stand out as an interior bonding solution providing these and other advantages.

Ease of use
Pressure-sensitive adhesives adhere quickly with no mess, are conformable, and can be repositionable, removable and/ or permanent. They require minimal training to install and are a reliable alternative to mechanical fasteners and wet glue systems.

Application flexibility
Pressure-sensitive adhesives can be engineered to bond to a variety of challenging substrates, including low surface energy and irregular surfaces. They can also be used for mounting, gap-filling and gasketing applications.

Strength and durability
Pressure-sensitive adhesives provide exceptional dead-load shear performance. They resist plasticizers and other chemicals, UV light, humid environments and temperature extremes.

Consumer safety
Pressure-sensitive adhesives can be formulated to meet consumers’ comfort and safety needs, including low VOC levels, fire retardancy and more.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives offer many advantages

By combining adhesive technologies from our expansive portfolio, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers a wide product range to address challenging interior surface bonding requirements. 

Applications include kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, finished basements and garages. They’re well suited for adhering products to interior surfaces in both residential and commercial settings, including lighting, backsplashes, flooring, mirrors, decorative tiles, ceilings and blinds.

Featured products

FM 2454

FM 2454

FM 2454 is a 35 mil, double-coated, black polyethylene foam with a moisture resistant acrylic adhesive. It bonds very well to glass and ceramic, including in moist environments.

Key benefits
  • Dimensional stability and good die cutting characteristics
  • Strong bond to ceramic and glass, even in high moisture environments
  • Gap filling properties and good conformability
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance with excellent die cutting performance

FBA 7918 GL

FBA 7918 GL

FBA 7918 GL is a 3.6 mil double coated scrim with a low VOC modified acrylic adhesive. It bonds well to low surface energy materials and has excellent foam bonding properties.

Key benefits
  • Solvent free adhesive with excellent foam bonding performance
  • Conformability and resistance to stretching with good converting performance
  • Dimensional stability and excellent water jet and die cutting performance