HVAC & Mechanical Insulation Tapes

Avery Dennison offers a variety of high-performance tapes for HVAC and mechanical insulation applications. Our Fasson portfolio of tapes offers excellent adhesion across a wide temperature range, flexibility and conformability, and the confidence of a positive vapor seal.

The choice of mechanical insulation and HVAC contractors across the country

Contractors can choose from a complete line of foil, FSK, film and cloth duct tapes, including UL 181A-P and UL 181B-FX recognized tapes carrying a 20-year limited product warranty.

Here are a few things that set our tapes apart, and makes us one of the leading choices of contractors across the country.

Adhesive performance

Avery Dennison is a leading global developer of adhesive technology, and our performance in HVAC and mechanical insulation applications is proven. Our Cold Tough™ adhesive, for instance, allows installation at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, performs under excessive heat and humidity, and has antimicrobial additives to inhibit mold growth.

Technical support

All Avery Dennison products are backed by world-class technical support. Whether it’s something as simple as answering a quick question over the phone, or something as involved as standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a contractor on a jobsite, we can suggest adhesives that could be best suited for the application.

The Fasson brand and the Avery Dennison heritage

From our founding, Avery Dennison has built a reputation for continued, customer-focused innovation in adhesive technology and applications. That heritage is built into all our products and service offerings. Contractors trust Fasson-brand products to get the job done right.

The bottom line: Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennison technology and the Fasson brand for your HVAC or Mechanical Insulation needs.

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