Automotive Weather Seal Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison provides double-sided, acrylic foam tapes for the adhesive bonding of weather seal products to a vehicle’s body. 

Adhesives should be engineered to last longer

Modern vehicles are driven longer and harder than ever before. Vehicle platforms have a longer lifetime, individual vehicles have a longer lifetime, and they’re being subjected to increasing wear and tear with the proliferation of ride sharing and a growing used vehicle marketplace.

Seemingly simple components, such as tapes and adhesives that play a key role in holding weather seals in place, should be engineered to perform across longer time spans.

A stable bond across wide-ranging conditions

Avery Dennison tapes provide a secure and stable bond, with resistance to oils, waxes, plasticizers and other chemicals, plus a variety of outdoor environmental challenges. Our offerings cover a wide spectrum of performance and cost requirements.

Our acrylic foam and polyethylene products offer excellent performance against chemicals and aging. Their high cohesion ensures long-duration stability for vehicles with increasingly longer life spans. We also offer foam tape products engineered to meet the bonding challenges of newer, LSE paints and plastic substrates.

Different car weather seal adhesives available

Tapes for weather seal applications can be ordered with the same pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the construction; or with differing adhesives featured on the sides of the material.

Easy-to-use liners

Our tapes also feature a specially designed liner for fast, clean removal, helping installers avoid errors and rework.

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