Automotive Tapes & Adhesives for Number Plates

Avery Dennison tapes for number plate applications have a proven track record in the European automotive marketplace. Our products meet many OEM specifications, and can help plate constructions meet regulatory certifications such as BS AU 145e.

A challenging application

Number plates need to stand up to an array of harsh conditions — weather, chemicals, UV light, and road hazards — all multiplied by the vehicle’s usable life.

To maintain their structural integrity, plate constructions should include high-performance number plate adhesives engineered for these conditions, and fully compatible with components such as acrylics and print inks.

The right adhesive can help the plate converter (and consumer) avoid common durability issues such as delamination, warping, and tunneling.

Avery Dennison number plate tape adhesives have a proven track record

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes solutions offer high compatibility with materials commonly used in number plate production, including PET plastic, PMMA acrylic, reflective materials and inks. When used properly, they retain long-term transparency and avoid discoloration.

These tapes also complement easy and efficient plate conversion and are available with a variety of liners that can be chosen based on converter needs.

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