Impact resistant tapes and adhesives

Avery Dennison offers tapes and adhesives that help electronics manufactures make their devices more resistant to impact.

Consumer expectations for the appearance, functionality and power of their mobile devices has increased. Manufacturers have responded, in turn, by pushing the boundaries of hardware engineering and design.

Today’s devices are sleeker and lighter than earlier models, using thinner glass, often with a beveled edge. The foam tapes used to bond that glass to the phone are thinner as well, with manufacturers now specifying tapes as thin as 250 microns. The result is that converters are being asked to do more with less—deliver greater impact resistance with thinner tapes.

With deep experience serving the electronics industry, Avery Dennison understands these dynamics well. We possess the R&D capabilities to help tape converters deliver solutions that will meet manufacturers’ and consumers’ needs for impact resistance.

Going beyond bonding to develop solutions that address your needs

The Avery Dennison product portfolio includes a wide variety of constructions, chemistries, and functional additives. These products are backed by our superior customer service and technical support staff. You can be confident in your Avery Dennison solution. 

We also have the ability to collaborate with you on custom solutions. Avery Dennison goes beyond bonding, offering you access to our research and development facilities and subject matter experts that can work with your team to produce the unique product you're seeking for your application.