Conformable bonding tapes and adhesives

Avery Dennison offers conformable bonding adhesive technologies for even the most challenging applications. These technologies are incorporated into many of the products in our standard portfolio. They can also be mixed and matched to customize solutions for unique needs when certain design criteria are desired.

Our adhesives offering, including our High Performance Acrylic (HPA™), standard acrylic, and rubber-based formulations, are effective for bonding to a wide range of surfaces in applications where conformability is key. These include low, medium, and high surface energy substrates, and surfaces with challenging curves, angles and geometries. These adhesives are available in double- or single-sided constructions, and as transfer tapes, for a variety of needs.

We also can incorporate non-chemical features into a tape construction to enhance that product’s conformability, stability and/or strength, or give the tape additional properties. Examples include acrylic foams, fiber filling, scrim reinforcement, tissue/nonwoven carriers, or film carriers. The presence of these features can make the key difference when it comes to a tape’s ability to provide stable, long-term adhesion on a challenging surface.

Going beyond bonding to develop solutions that address your needs

The Avery Dennison product portfolio includes a wide variety of constructions, chemistries, and functional additives. These products are backed by our superior customer service and technical support staff. You can be confident in your Avery Dennison solution. 

We also have the ability to collaborate with you on custom solutions. Avery Dennison goes beyond bonding, offering you access to our research and development facilities and subject matter experts that can work with your team to produce the unique product you're seeking for your application.