Weather, Chemical & UV Resistant Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison materials expertise and science-to-solution capabilities in adhesives are of great benefit to converters and end users. This is especially true in applications where resistance to weather, chemical or UV rays is of critical importance.

These applications are expanding fast. Engineers in a wide range of industries are finding more and more uses for tape products, preferring the simplicity and weight savings of adhesives to the traditional mechanical fasteners.

Adhesives made to resist weather, chemical and UV exposure

We can augment almost any of our broad, core portfolio of adhesive formulations with chemical additives to meet the environmental challenges of a wide spectrum of applications. This capability also allows us to produce adhesives that resist mold, bacteria, and yellowing, while maintaining their adhesion.

Testing capabilities

We also have the ability, in-house, to conduct weathering and exposure tests to standards including UL and CSA. So you can be confident Avery Dennison adhesive products will withstand a variety of extreme conditions.