Temperature Resistant Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes products are engineered to provide adhesion across a wide range of temperatures, including both high-temperature and low-temperature adhesive tape applications.

How we improve temperature resistant adhesives performance

Our approach is to expand the sheer adhesion failure temperature (SAFT)—the temperature at which the adhesive will soften and lose strength—through either of two strategies.

  • Adjust the chemistry - Many adhesives can be modified with a secondary chemical that’s triggered at a specific temperature. The chemical then provides additional adhesion beyond the trigger point, improving the overall performance of the formulation.

  • Adjust other properties - In some cases, other elements of an adhesive chemistry can be altered to ensure an optimum bond with a particular substrate at extremes of temperature.

From science to solution

Our laboratory team brings together “science-to-solution” expertise in materials, with deep knowledge of the industries and applications we serve. We often work closely with customers to deliver customized solutions to their unique challenges, including temperature considerations for a wide range of substrates and applications.