Removable & Repositionable Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers many specialized adhesives engineered for removability and repositionability. They are ideal for a wide range of applications in which materials need only a temporary or semi-permanent bond.

Varied applications with a common requirement

Tapes that are removable and/or repositionable are being specified for a variety of applications: graphics films, flexographic plate mounting, credit card activation stickers, point-of-purchase displays, window decals, removable/changeable advertisements, book/pamphlet inserts, temporary hold for transportation of protective packaging such as foam and corrugated, reclosable bags and envelopes, and temporary positioning of foam gaskets.

What these applications have in common is the need for the user to easily reposition the tape during its initial application, or remove it entirely—with no adhesive residue—after a certain period of time. Adhesives that can effectively do this allow the user to work more efficiently, reduce cleanup labor, and in some cases avoid extra equipment maintenance.

A portfolio including repositionable adhesives

The Avery Dennison Performance Tapes portfolio includes repositionable adhesives that can be fine tuned to meet more specific application needs such as FDA compliance and UL® recognition.

Adhesives offering short-term repositionability have immediate wet-out and tack with low or no adhesion build up. This allows the user to easily move the tape, during its application, before settling on a permanent position. Adhesives offering long-term removability are designed with low peel for easy removal.