Low VOC Tapes & Adhesives

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes incorporates low volatile organic compounds (VOC) formulations that help industries respond to changing consumer and regulatory trends.

The search for cleaner and healthier materials

Consumer perception of health issues related to VOCs is growing. In turn, evolving industry, regulatory, and manufacturer standards are making it increasingly difficult to use many chemicals that are known emitters. This trend is especially pronounced in fields such as building and construction, and automotive.

At the same time, engineers in these industries are finding more and more applications for high-performance, pressure-sensitive tapes.

Low VOC tapes engineered to meet evolving requirements

Our engineering approach is to optimize all facets of a product—the formula, product design, and manufacturing process. The goal is to create solutions that meet VOC requirements, while also delivering the adhesive performance that’s critical for building and construction, and automotive applications.

This approach allows us to leverage the range of chemistry in our adhesive portfolio—low VOC solutions that incorporate solvent-based, UV cured, emulsion-based acrylic, or hot-melt rubber technologies.