Adhesive Tapes for RFID Wave Blocking

Avery Dennison offers RFID blocking tape constructions that are engineered to block RFID waves. In many instances the materials are used to restrict the waves travel in order to provide accurate inventory counts in distinct spaces—this is especially true in retail.

Avery Dennison ShieldSense™ RFID Blocking Material

For many retailers, an obstacle in maximizing the effectiveness of their RFID-enabled inventory systems is the ability to isolate waves within specific sales environments. If the waves cannot be blocked, and kept segregated, the technology’s precision and effectiveness will be limited.

To solve this issue, Avery Dennison offers ShieldSense™ RFID Blocking Material – a lightweight, easy-to-apply, aluminum foil tape construction that when applied to surfaces like walls and doors, creates a barrier isolating RFID waves to particular in-store locations. By installing ShieldSense, retailers are able to gain access to a holistic view of where inventory rests throughout their retail environment.

The material has been used by many Fortune 500 retailers and is preferred for its ease of use, durability (resistance to puncturing), conformability to objects, and ability to adhere to many surfaces—including formica, metal, drywall and painted surfaces—under many environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and cold conditions.

Plus, the ability to peel and stick during application makes the use of attachments such as staples, fasteners, or extraneous materials unnecessary which will decrease the time taken to install the material.

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