Adhesives & Tapes for Graphic Displays & Signage

Avery Dennison offers many tape solutions for the secure fixture of graphics and signage in retail displays.

These solutions, such as foam mounting tapes, are an attractive alternative to traditional mechanical attachment methods for displays and signage. They offer excellent fixation, weather resistance and a more aesthetically pleasing fit and finish than screws, rivets or nails.

Our double-sided foam mounting tapes feature adhesives with excellent, long-term adhesion to vinyl. It’s paired with a removable adhesive on the opposite side of the construction that provides a secure bond while leaving no residue when the sign is removed. They also bond to a variety of different surfaces and chemistries, including low surface energy (LSE) plastics, foams and wood.

Avery Dennison performance tape solutions are easy to convert, helping simplify, enhance and accelerate the display and signage production. We also have very clear adhesives that make excellent choices for window displays.

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