Flexible Packaging Tapes

The Avery Dennison Performance Tapes portfolio includes pressure-sensitive adhesives and other materials for use in the flexible packaging segment. We offer a wide variety of solutions for many application needs across multiple industries.

Flexible packaging is becoming the format of choice

Flexible packaging has grown as a format of choice for products in segments such as food and beverage, household, health and beauty, consumer goods, medical devices, and healthcare. The format offers end users ease of use, convenience and functionality.

As packaging designers find more creative and innovative uses for flexible materials, they need adhesive options that meet a growing list of requirements.

Tapes need to perform well on the low surface energy (LSE) plastic substrates that are increasingly used in flexible packaging. They also need to be compatible and effective with very rough surfaces. They need to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, and be resistant to chemicals. And, they often need to be FDA-compliant for direct food contact.

Tapes that offer high performance and ease of use

Avery Dennison tapes are relied on by the brand owners using flexible packaging, and the converters who supply them. Our wide range of adhesive options means we have solutions for the full spectrum of flexible packaging substrates and performance requirements. We offer FDA-compliant options as well.

Beyond performance, our solutions are set apart by their availability in low minimum order quantities, meaning those working at smaller scales can still get their tapes directly from the manufacturer. And our products are easy to work with. So converters avoid extra cleaning and equipment maintenance, and can be more productive.

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