Electronic Damping Tape

Avery Dennison provides adhesive tapes used for hard disk drive damping in the computer industry.

Dampers should be effective within a specific range of conditions

The damping application employs a constrained layer damper (CLD) to reduce noise and vibrations in servers and computers.

These damping constructions need to be effective within a specific range of temperature and frequency: 30 degrees Celsius and 1,000 Hz. They also need to be free of chemicals, such as silicone or alcohol, that may cause contamination within the drive.

High-performance tapes for damping

Avery Dennison manufactures high-performance adhesive tapes used in the construction of constrained layer dampers. Our tapes are compatible with the requirements of this application, and are engineered for easy conversion.

The electronic damping tapes you need, when you need them

Manufacturers and suppliers that choose Avery Dennison enjoy the benefits of working with a leading manufacturer of performance tape products. We have a global footprint, the ability to produce and deliver product quickly and cost-effectively, and the R&D expertise to respond—with agility and flexibility—to the changing needs of the customer and marketplace.

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