Adhesive tape solutions for cold and damp applications

The Avery Dennison Cold Tough™ Adhesive portfolio features a variety of industrial pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes that provide reliable performance in extreme cold and damp weather applications, in addition to humid conditions.

Construction tapes often face extreme demands

Severe temperature swings, long droughts, damaging storms and periods of heavy precipitation are all part of our climate reality. Such environmental conditions often place extreme demands on the pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes used in the Building and Construction industry. With those conditions, OEMs and contractors are seeking tapes that can stand up to the elements. The Cold Tough portfolio features constructions with sound performance characteristics.

Cold weather performance and UV stability
Tested for installation temperatures down to 0F (-18 Celsius) with a service temperature of -40F (-4 Celsius). Superior performance for high humidity, wet conditions; and substrates that tend to accumulate condensation. Engineered for long-term durability even with regular exposure to sunlight.

Strong bonding, regardless of surface
Superior bonding for high surface energy substrates, such as metals, and low surface energy substrates such as plastics.

Ease of use and conformability
Functional tapes can replace mechanical fastening methods while offering a thinner profile, lighter weight, improved repositionability and an instant bond.

Custom configurations
Choose from multiple tape and adhesive configurations to match the needs of your application. These include quick-stick/high-tack adhesive formulations and single-coated foam tapes for insulation purposes. You can also request custom formulations from our lab.

Thermal break capabilities
Provide insulative properties for flanges and purlin designs. Reduces heat conductivity between framing, paneling, roof and walls in metal buildings.

Cold Tough™ is engineered for a range of building and construction applications

Tape constructions featuring our Cold Tough™ adhesive technology are engineered for seaming and joining, including in metal building assemblies that require high performance under extreme environmental conditions, including cold weather.

Cold Tough™ applications include roofing, exterior walls, ductwork, doors and windows, overhead doors, gutters, joists, and anywhere exposed to extreme temperatures.

Featured products



FASSON® SSL is a 1.25 is a pattern-gum, self-sealing lap tape for applications requiring quick stick and good adhesion to plastics and other low surface energy substrates. 

Key benefits
  • Excellent processing and die-cutting stability
  • Good adhesion and tack to low surface energy substrates
  • Can be applied at temperatures below freezing (min 0ºF)
  • Adhesive resists environmental exposures