Automotive Electronics  Microporous Venting Material Bonding Solutions

The addition of more electronic components in modern vehicle design brings challenges of pressure differentials and ingress protection. Microporous bonded vent windows alleviate these pressure differentials by allowing air to flow while keeping dust and water out. 

Avery Dennison provides high-performance, temperature-resistant tapes for bonding microporous venting materials. Constructed with a silicone-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, these tapes are engineered for this application’s processing and end-user requirements.

  • Withstand temperatures of up to 500 F (260 C)

  • Bond well to PTFE and other low-surface-energy LSE plastics

  • Double-liner and thick-carrier constructions to allow for fast, easy dispensing

  • Tapes can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements

Go beyond bonding with Avery Dennison: Expansive product selection, plus customization and testing capabilities

Avery Dennison Automotive Electronics multi-functional solutions draw from our expansive portfolio of pressure-sensitive tapes and adhesives. We have a long track record in the automotive segment and are relied upon by OEMs and tier suppliers across the industry. Our products meet OEM specifications for a wide range of applications.

Beyond bonding means we also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with automotive OEMs and tier suppliers to develop custom tape solutions. You’ll enjoy access to testing facilities and pressure-sensitive adhesive experts who understand the challenges engineers face. We can work together to produce one-of-a-kind products that give you the advantage you seek.


  • Global reach

  • New product development for developing custom solutions for specific applications

  • Business development and specification support for emerging  applications

  • Application engineering and technical support


  • ISO 17025 certified laboratory

  • Online tool offering easy access to our database of OEM certifications

  • Industry-standard testing and custom application testing

  • Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive bulk property testing (peel, tack and shear)

  • Environmental conditioning (temperature, humidity, UV, chemical and more)

  • Flame performance and dielectric strength testing at the tape and composite level

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