EV Battery Flexible Heater Film Bonding & Gap Filling Solutions

Printed flexible heater films are an established solution for defrosting exterior mirrors. They’re now being adopted for use with advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) cameras and sensors, along with various applications in vehicle interiors to facilitate efficient heating. ics systems that are easy to assemble, lightweight and durable. These systems also need to perform flawlessly throughout a vehicle’s life and across a wide range of environmental conditions.

Avery Dennison offers a variety of tape solutions that can handle the challenging requirements of bonding flexible PTC heaters. 

  • High-performance acrylic adhesives that withstand high temperatures and difficult automotive environments

  • Adhesives compatible with PTC heater conductive inks

  • Transfer tapes for thin profiles and double-coated foam tapes for filling gaps between rigid components

Avery Dennison EV Battery custom solutions and testing capabilities

Avery Dennison EV Battery solutions include a wide variety of constructions, chemistries, and functional additives. Our products are backed by our superior customer service and technical support staff. You can be confident you will receive a tape that is designed and certifiable to OEM and battery manufacturer specifications.

We also have the ability to collaborate with you on custom solutions. Avery Dennison goes beyond bonding, offering you access to testing facilities and subject matter experts that can work with your team to produce the unique product you're seeking for your EV Battery application.

Custom Solutions

  • Global footprint

  • New product development for custom solutions for applications

  • Business development and specification support for emerging applications

  • Application engineering and technical support

Testing Capabilities

  • ISO 17025 certified laboratory

  • Traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive bulk property testing (peel, tack and shear)

  • Environmental conditioning (temperature, humidity, UV, chemical and more)

  • Flame performance and dielectric strength testing at the tape and composite level

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