White goods and appliances are vitally important components of our daily lives, ensuring we have fresh food to eat and clean clothes to wear. Yet such appliances require several distinct innovations in order to work effectively and appropriately.

Our appliance tapes and appliance adhesives help to address the multiple challenges facing white goods. Be it the use of foams and felts, installation of membrane switches, or implementation of critical noise and vibration damping capabilities, an adhesive tape is vital to achieving the end goal.

That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive, growing, marketing leading suite of solutions designed to cater to a variety of bespoke needs. Whatever your application requirement, we will work with you to find, tailor and deliver the right appliance tape to ensure leading performance in your products.

High compatibility

Our appliance tapes and adhesives provide reliable bonding on low, medium and high surface energy substrates thanks to variable, innovative adhesive technologies with a high initial tack.

Easy application

Tapes and appliance adhesives ensure easy, clean, smooth application with no cure time, removing the need for time consuming drilling with mechanical fasteners that may otherwise cause damage to the substrate.

Durability and reliability

Specific formulation provides excellent resistance to UV-light, temperature changes, chemicals, stress and high loads, delivering long-term durability and reliability that will provide you with peace of mind.

Innovative noise and vibration reduction

Sound absorbing properties will simultaneously help to meet any bespoke application and acoustic challenges, with viscoelastic properties and technical innovation allowing for both vibration and noise damping.


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