Tape Technologies

PSA Tape Components

PSA tapes can consist of four basic components:

  • Adhesive - Component that provides adhesion to the substrate.

  • Carrier - Component on which the adhesive coating is  applied.

  • Release Coating - Applied to the release liner and cured. Allows adhesive to separate from the liner without contaminating the adhesive. This component plays a major part in the  functionality of a finished PSA product.

  • (Release Coated) Liner - Component plays a crucial role in the production, processing and application of the PSA.

Adhesive Chemistries and Characteristics

Each adhesive has unique applications. Below is an Avery Dennison reference guide to basic adhesive chemistries and a summary of typical performance characteristics.

Adhesive Chemistries Price Adhesion Low Surface Energy Bonding Tack Shear Temperature Resistance Humidity Solvent/Chemical Resistance UV Resistance
Rubber Based L H H H MH LM L L L
UHA Rubber Based MH H MH MH MH M M M LM
Acrylic Based M M LM LM MH M H MH MH
Modified Acrylic Based MH MH MH M M LM M M M
UHA Acrylic Based MH MH L LM H MH MH H MH
HPA Acrylic Based MH M LM M H MH MH H MH
Silicone Based H LM M LM H H H H H

* L - Low   LM - Low/Medium   M - Medium   MH - Medium-High   H - High


Typical carrier materials include tissue, nonwoven, polypropylene, polyester, scrim, and foam. Below is a summary of carriers and their characteristics.

Carrier Characteristics Convertibility
Tissue Increased tape caliper, tearable
Nonwoven Better internal strength compared to tissue, water resistant
Polypropylene More flexible compared to polyester, water barrier
Polyester Chemical barrier, improved internal strength versus polypropylene
Scrim Reinforced substrate (no stretch)
Foam Used for gap filling, mounting

* L - Low   LM - Low/Medium   M - Medium   MH - Medium-High   H - High


Avery Dennison offers paper and film release liners in a number of different constructions and weights to meet various process requirements.

Liner Type High Tensile Strength
Humidity Resistance
Rotary Die Cutting
Kiss Cutting
Paper Glassine
    X X
Polyethylene Protected Paper(PPP)
X X X  
Poly-coated Kraft X X X  
Densified Kraft X X X X
Clay-coated Kraft   X X X
Film Polyester (PET) X X X X
Polypropylene (OPP) X X    
Polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE) X X    

PSA Constructions

The various PSA tape components are combined and supplied in the following basic constructions:

Transfer Tape

A film of unsupported adhesive is coated directly onto a siliconized  release liner. The release liner is coated with silicone on both sides to ensure that the tape unwinds easily and can be laminated to various substrates.

Double linered transfer tape constructions may be offered.

  • Offers superior conformability

  • Ideal for nameplate mounting and foam bonding



Single Coated

The adhesive is coated on one side of a carrier. A release liner coated on one side with silicone protects the adhesive.

  • Potential label stock

  • Foil insulation tapes



Double Coated

The adhesive is coated on both sides of a carrier material. This construction is provided on a liner coated on both sides with silicone. Double linered, double coated constructions may be offered.

  • Offers improved internal strength

  • Greater dimensional stability, easier converting

  • Easily slit into narrow rolls

  • Adds support to otherwise stretchy materials




The adhesive is coated on one side of a carrier. The other side of the carrier is generally coated with silicone to enable the tape to unwind easily.

  • Provides wrap around sealing

  • Acts as closure system

  • Potential label stock

  • Can provide moisture vapor barrier




A heat-activated film laminated to a pressure- sensitive adhesive on a release liner coated on both sides with silicone.

  • Designed for difficult to bond materials 

  • Ideal for shipping pads, non-slip step pads and certain sound damping materials