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Avery Dennison Offers White Paper Discussing RFID Isolating Material Performance

Report offers rationale behind blocking RFID waves for accurate inventorying and considers current shielding products

PAINESVILLE, OHIO (March 17, 2020) - Avery Dennison Performance Tapes, which introduced its ShieldSense™ RFID Blocking Material* in May 2019, announces a new white paper that examines the use of RFID technology in inventory management and the available isolating materials that can help maximize the technology’s effectiveness.

 “Attenuation Performance of RFID Isolating Materials” by Brad Cumby, senior RFID research engineer, Avery Dennison, discusses the challenges retailers face in using RFID signals to manage inventory. As these signals may penetrate most walls, floors and ceilings, accurate data gathering can be an issue for users. Performance is subject to factors such as interference, frequencies, power and environments.

The white paper examines the use of the following aluminum-based shielding products:

  • Aluminum foil tape (such as Avery Dennison ShieldSense)

  • Conductive paint

  • Foil radiant barrier insulation

  • Conductive cloth

In reviewing these products, the paper compares installation factors such as install time and effectiveness. It also provides recommendations for choosing a shielding product based on whether the application is new construction or retrofit, ease of use and impact on total costs. Installation examples are also provided.

“RFID technology has become a popular method of providing fast and accurate inventory not only in retail environments, but in virtually any inventory management application,” Cumby said. “This white paper was written to help current and potential RFID users understand how to maximize their RFID experience by shielding specific spaces, as well as making the most cost-effective, reliable shielding choice for their particular application.”

The gated white paper may be downloaded free of charge on Avery Dennison’s website.

ShieldSense is available directly from Avery Dennison. For more information, please visit

*NOTE: ShieldSense attained UL® 723 certification to meet fire safety codes for surface burning in February 2020. By meeting UL 723, ShieldSense is considered a self-extinguishing material (i.e., will not hold or spread an open flame) and does not create smoke or noxious gases when exposed to an open flame. For more information, please visit

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