Technical Application Solution:
Heat-activated AFB for Rubber Extrusions


Industry Segment


General Industrial



Rubber extrusions are used for sealing and gasketing a broad range of items, including appliances, industrial enclosures and recreational vehicles. To secure these materials to substrates, OEMs are often moving from mechanically fastened designs to tape secured solutions. As a result, they reduce tooling costs and design complexity, plus obtain slimmer profiles. In this instance, Avery Dennison heat-activated AFB tape was used instead of traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape its strong bond with gap filling ability. These products feature a heat activated adhesive on the side laminated to the extrusion via exposure to a heat source, while the other side has a PSA to bond to the end use substrate. The acrylic foam core provides thickness, required for bonding rigid materials, and strength, for resisting strong shear forces and harsh environments.

Material Laminated To

Material Bonded To


Rubber Extrusions

A variety of painted metals and plastics

The Technical Challenges


The pressure-sensitive adhesive product must:

  • Bond to rubber extrusions without primer

  • Bond around difficult contours

  • Permanently adhere in harsh and demanding environments

  • Fill gaps (material offered in three thicknesses - 0.4, 0.8, 1.2 mm)

  • Feature a tear resistant PP liner option

  • Bond to low surface energy substrates


Commercial or Developmental?


AFB 9340B, AFB 9380B and AFB 9311B


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