Durable Goods and Equipment Labels


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Durable goods and equipment labels must perform consistently in a variety of hostile environments, under extreme conditions and temperatures. The segment demands a premium range of pressuresensitive materials that are cost-effective and durable, while minimizing waste and complying with stringent standards and service requirements. Specific applications include appliances, industrial labeling, lawn and garden equipment, and many others.

Durable automotive labels must cope with conditions in the engine compartment, where temperature extremes and exposure to liquids, including brake fluid and engine oil, can compromise printed information and adhesives, or both. Application areas include fuel cap compartment, tire pressure labels and automotive service labels.

Material Laminated To


Various: flexible label stock and engraved plates

Material Bonded To


Polycarbonate, ABS, paint/powder coated metal, PP, PE

The Technical Challenges


The pressure-sensitive adhesive product must:

  • Have a permanent adhesive bond in harsh and demanding environments

  • Be resistant to abrasion and chemicals

  • Convert easily

  • Be a UL®-registered adhesive (UL 969)

  • Bond to low surface energy substrates

  • Carry Automotive OEM specification

Buried Graphics Products


FT 720 DL C (Clear adhesive/double liner)
FT 720 DL W (White opaque adhesive/double liner)

Transfer Tape Products


HPA™ 1902 and 1905 [Solvent and high-temperature resistant (UL 969, UL 746C)]
FT 3012 (Ultra high-temperature resistant silicone adhesive)
FT 3014 (General-purpose acrylic adhesive ideal for medium- and high-surface energy)
FT 3043 (Modified-acrylic adhesive for low surface energy and polyethelyne)

Product Construction


Transfer Tape

Product Carrier


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