Tapes & Adhesives for White Goods & Appliances

Avery Dennison offers appliance tape solutions for a wide variety of applications in the white goods segment. Our appliance adhesives, many that are UL recognized, provide a reliable bond and are often easier to apply than conventional bonding technologies.

Consumers of white goods, like home and industrial appliances, are putting pressure on manufacturers to produce lighter, more energy efficient products. And, ever aware of the need to increase profitability, manufacturers are looking for ways to deliver these technologies while increasing assembly efficiencies.

Appliance adhesives for a wide range of applications

Our product offering for white goods features a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives engineered for a range of substrates, including metal, glass, foams and low surface energy (LSE) plastics. They perform well under environmental conditions including heat, chemical exposure, UV and weathering.

Pressure-sensitive tapes offer the added benefit of ease of use. The peel-and-stick ease can help assemblers work more efficiently, production lines move faster, and manufacturers operate more profitably.

Backed by technical support

All Avery Dennison products are backed by world-class technical support and service tools. No matter the application, white goods manufacturers can be confident they have a tape suited for their needs.

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