Automotive Wire Harness & Component Tapes

Avery Dennison provides tape constructions for wire harnessing applications, meeting the specification of many OEMs.

Automotive wiring systems are becoming increasingly complex

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly electrified, driven by consumer needs for greater safety, comfort and convenience. Features that once were only available as options for luxury vehicles—from backup cameras and collision sensors to Bluetooth-enabled infotainment systems—are now standard equipment throughout OEM fleets.

The proliferation of these features presents a new set of engineering challenges. Electrification requires numerous and complex wiring systems and harnesses. These, in turn, need to fit in tight spaces, and be reliable from the moment of installation through the lifetime of the vehicle.

High-performance automotive wire harness tape

Mechanical fasteners have been the go-to solution for wire harnesses for years. Now, the capabilities of modern adhesive technology are making tape solutions an attractive alternative.

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