Foam & Fiber Bonding Tapes for Automotive Interiors

Avery Dennison offers high-performance bonding tape products suitable for a wide range of interior foam and fiber applications. Our tapes meet many OEM specifications.

A proliferation of material types require more advanced adhesives

Recent decades have seen a proliferation of the types of materials used in vehicles. Modern interiors are a jigsaw of polyurethane, EPDM, nitrile vinyl, EVA and polyethylene foams, nonwovens and other fibers, in addition to steel, aluminum, glass and other materials.

It follows that manufacturers are increasingly challenged to source adhesive tapes that provide suitable performance against this wide range of surfaces.

Tapes for a wide range of materials and applications

The Avery Dennison solution is a portfolio of tapes and adhesives for these varied surfaces, offered in a range spanning high- performance to cost-effective.

It’s easy to find the bonding tapes you need

These products are backed by Avery Dennison service and tech support. Our online OEM certification finder provides guidance when deciding which tape to choose for a specific substrate. Our application and technical service team can provide even more detailed recommendations based on customer experience and our internal laboratory results.

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