Heat Shield

Avery Dennison provides engineered adhesive solutions for heat shield applications. Our high performance products meet many OEM specifications. 

The need for heat shielding is growing

Modern vehicle design is making increasing use of high-temperature components. These range from powertrain elements such as turbochargers and exhaust, to electronics placed throughout the vehicle and the wiring needed to supply power.

It follows that engineers have an increasing need for heat shielding materials that are not only effective, but lightweight, reliable across a range of substrates, and easy to install on an assembly line. More of those engineers are thus opting to use “peel-and-stick” adhesive heat shields, either in addition to — or instead of — mechanically fastened shields.

Performance tapes for peel-and-stick heat shields

Avery Dennison offers transfer tape products that are engineered for heat shielding applications. These are available in various constructions, in wide web format, and can be laminated by the converter on to polyester or glass fiber felt during manufacturing.

Tapes are available with a variety of adhesives for performance on multiple substrates; this includes low surface energy plastics such as high density polyethylene. These adhesives form a secure and long-lasting bond even when exposed to the harsh conditions within the vehicle, including exposure to automotive fluids and heat.

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