Electrical Insulation and Cell Wrapping EV Battery Solutions

Adhesive tapes incorporating dielectric films, providing necessary electric insulation for sensitive EV Battery components

Electrical insulation and cell wrapping are critical for protecting certain sensitive components in EV batteries.

Avery Dennison offers single- and double-coated tapes that incorporate dielectric films for electrical insulation in EV batteries. Double-coated tapes can be combined with other materials, such as compression pads, to achieve electrical insulation. Single-coated tapes can be applied to rigid materials, such as aluminum chill plates and other metal structures.

Our electrically insulative tapes for EV batteries offer the following features:

  • Single- and double-coated adhesive constructions with nonconductive films.

  • Flame-retardant adhesives for dual dielectric and flame protection.

  • High durability for demanding environmental resistance.

  • Easy release liner for clean application.

  • Flexibility to conform to irregular contours.

  • Dielectric material and adhesives tested for breakdown voltage and dielectric strength requirements using GB/T 1408.1-2016 and ASTM D3755 test methods.

Avery Dennison EV Battery Testing Capabilities and Custom Solutions

Avery Dennison EV Battery solutions include a wide variety of constructions, chemistries, and functional additives. Our products are backed by our superior customer service and technical support staff. You can be confident you will receive a tape that is designed and certifiable to OEM and battery manufacturer specifications. 

We also have the ability to collaborate with you on custom solutions. Avery Dennison goes beyond bonding, offering you access to testing facilities and subject matter experts that can work with your team to produce the unique product your seeking for your EV Battery application. 

Testing Capabilities

  • Flame performance testing at the tape and composite level

  • Dielectric strength testing at the tape and composite level

  • Peel, tack and shear testing

  • Environmental conditioning

Custom Solutions

  • New product development

  • Business development and specification support for emerging applications

  • Application engineering and technical support

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