Acrylic foam bonding

Avery Dennison acrylic foam bonding (AFB) tapes are designed for a wide range of industrial applications requiring a high level of bonding strength. Our tapes are engineered to provide strong tack and adhesion to surfaces such as PC, ABS, PMMA and metal.


Acrylic foam is viscoelastic in nature with flow and self adhesion properties which offers excellent bonding to a broad range of substrates.


The unique composition of acrylic foam chemistry provides exceptional durability performance.

Temperature resistance

Service temperatures are higher than normal PE foam bonding operating parameters.

Application flexibility

Acrylic foam is suitable for a wide range of component assembly, mounting and fixation applications in automotive, appliances, electronic devices, signage and graphics.

Acrylic foam bonding. Tapes that offer high bonding strength.

Acrylic foam bonding tape – features and benefits

Acrylic foam is viscoelastic, with flow and self adhesion properties offering excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. The foam’s unique chemistry provides exceptional durability, and high temperature resistance. This makes acrylic foam tapes suitable for a wide range of component assembly, mounting, and fixation applications in appliances, electronic devices, signage, and graphics.


  • Foam tape with viscoelastic acrylic foam carrier
  • Closed cell structure
  • Acrylic adhesive system
  • Paper and film easy release liners


  • High adhesion combined with good shear absorbs shock and distributes stress evenly
  • Good moisture, UV and high temperature resistance
  • Uniform bonding performance
  • Can help eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners, drilling or grinding and related clean-up for certain applications
  • Polyethylene liner option helps provide good moisture stability and easier converting with its high tear strength



Whatever the application, you can rely on Avery Dennision technology

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