Tape & Adhesive Solutions for White Goods & Appliances

Avery Dennison offers tape and adhesive solutions for a wide variety of applications in the white goods & appliance segment, including products for home and commercial appliance manufacturing use. Our appliance tapes and films provide reliable bonding and functionalities such as noise and vibration damping, heat dissipation, insulation and gasketing. Our solutions are also specified by many large, well known OEMs.

Increasing demand for and greater demands placed on appliances

The demand for new and modern appliances for use in our homes and workplaces is not likely to decrease. We increasingly rely on these appliances, simplifying the jobs people carry out and assuring us of a consistent result. The appliances' energy usage has also evolved over the years to be much more efficient, driven by an increased focus on limiting our environmental footprint. From March 2021, the information on the new EU energy efficiency labels linked to the power consumption of household appliances has been revised and due to new measurement methods is now more realistic.

Create and enhance efficiencies in appliance manufacturing

The capabilities of well developed, innovative and high quality tape solutions can provide an answer to such challenges of increased demand and higher standards. When considered in the design phase of an appliance development project, tapes can not only provide an alternative to mechanical fasteners, but also embed in the design advantages such as increased longevity and performance, as well as improved aesthetics  and contribute to a more efficient, faster production process. Tape specifications include high bonding strength, ability to withstand high levels of vibration and durable sealing against environmental conditions. Avery Dennison is not only able to offer many proven and successfully applied solutions, but is open to work together on the tape design to provide a solution to a specific bonding or attachment need.

Appliance adhesives for a wide range of applications

Our appliance product offering features a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives engineered to perform on a range of substrates commonly used in manufacturing home and commercial appliances, including metal, glass, foams and low surface energy (LSE) plastics and surfaces such as powder coated finishes. In addition, they also perform well under environmental conditions including heat, chemical exposure, UV and weathering.

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