Product and Temperature Performance Position Mechanical Insulation Tapes As Best-In-Class

A broad portfolio of acrylic adhesive tapes that meet contractors’ performance needs in virtually any mechanical insulation application is available from Avery Dennison Performance Tapes.

Categorized by Avery Dennison as best-in-class according to customer feedback, the portfolio offers powerful product advantages that include reliable performance in temperatures down to 0° F, an environmentally friendly liner,  reduced rework and roll-by-roll consistent quality.

“The tapes are ‘cold tough,’ meaning they can be applied at cold temperatures without the need to warm the tape or the substrate, an important benefit for contractors,” says Avery Dennison Business Manager Bill Tripp. “Through feedback from customer field testing across the US and in Canada, the tapes are shown to satisfy all best-in-class requirements in all calendar seasons.

“For example, labor is one of the biggest costs associated with mechanical insulation tape,” Tripp said. “A key to keeping labor costs down to a minimum is having a tape that bonds evenly and securely in cold or hot application conditions. Avery Dennison mechanical insulation tapes are engineered to bond with just one pass of the squeegee.”

The tapes are both UL- and ULC-classified, with same-day/next-day service and reliable delivery. The environmentally friendly paper liner eliminates concerns over disposal, while its ability to resist tearing during the tape application process provides dimensional stability.

The acrylic adhesive tapes are designed for mechanical piping and equipment, cold or hot applications, heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, refrigeration and other low temperature piping and equipment applications.

The tapes are made in the United States and contribute to LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.