How Avery Dennison Is Helping People See Clearly

According to a World Economic Forum report, 2.5 billion people lack the corrective glasses they need. Of those 2.5 billion, 624 million people are considered “visually impaired” without glasses. This lack of access is a significant health and quality-of-life problem.

The good news? Governments, NGOs and large ophthalmic lens manufacturers are accelerating initiatives to provide more people with that access. At the same time, manufacturers are leveraging innovation to cost-effectively deliver high-performing ophthalmic lenses.*

Avery Dennison is contributing to this innovation. Our robust adhesive materials and tapes are helping the world’s leading optical providers increase quality and efficiency. These solutions are fast becoming an integral part of state-of-the-art lens production.

Take, for example, our multi-faceted lens-edging pads and optical bonding adhesives. These provide lens manufacturers with a simple way to hold optical glass in place while grinding, edging, polishing and finishing. They bond well during processing and remove cleanly after short-term use.

We’re proud to play a role in helping more and more people around the world see clearly.

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*Eyeglasses for Global Development: Bridging the World Divide. World Economic Forum, June 2016: