Electronic Device Bonding Tapes You Can Rely On

The Avery Dennison FM 9200 series delivers superior bonding, environmental resistance and repositionability

We live in an age of electronic devices. And, as these devices have become indispensable, consumers' expectations for their appearance, functionality and power has increased.

Manufacturers, in turn, have responded by pushing the boundaries of hardware engineering and design. A critical part of this push is their ability to create a perfect bond of the lens screen, back cover and central frame. This bond provides a stable shelter for all functional components.

Yet, even established adhesive tape manufacturers often encounter serious challenges related to this bond. They find, for this application, that their go-to tapes are difficult to die cut, bond poorly, fail at low temperatures, and leave peeling residues.

Is there an answer to these challenges? Yes! It’s the Avery Dennison FM 9200 Portfolio of tapes.

FM 9200 tapes include a specially formulated, elastomer pressure sensitive adhesive. They’re tailor-made for window lens bonding on electronic devices.

Three key features set apart FM 9200 tapes.

  1. Superior bonding strength—In OEM tests of FM 9200 tapes, a screen was bonded to a central frame with four narrow tape strips. This construction was then dropped 500 times, with impact and distortion from different angles. The adhesion between the screen and the frame remained highly stable.
  2. Superior environmental resistance—The OEM tests included high temperature, low temperature, and thermal cycle impact. FM 9200 tapes exhibited neither edge curl nor ooze after die-cutting and assembling.
  3. Superior repositionability—FM 9200 tapes exhibit high elasticity, giving them greater repositionability than common foam tapes. Manufacturers can thus spend less time on disassembling and cleaning, increasing productivity for the business.

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