HVAC and Mechanical Insulation Tapes

HVAC insulation tapes.

Avery Dennison high quality Fasson® brand pressure-sensitive HVAC insulation tapes deliver a fast, permanent bond providing an airtight moisture barrier for sealing duct board, flexible duct, insulation facings and virtually any insulation application.  Contractors can chose from a complete line of foil, FSK, film and cloth duct tapes and UL approved tapes.

The acrylic adhesive tapes are designed for mechanical piping and equipment, cold or hot applications, heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, refrigeration and other low temperature piping and equipment applications.  Fasson HVAC tapes and mechanical insulation tapes bond securely at temperatures as low as 0°F/ -18°C – a significant improvement over conventional tapes. Our industry leading HVAC tape adheres instantly and does not require curing. It is also conformable to the curved surfaces prevalent in insulation applications. The environmentally friendly paper liner eliminates concerns over disposal, while its ability to resist tearing during the tape application process provides dimensional stability.  The full line of Avery Dennison HVAC Iinsulation tapes bond evenly and securely in cold or hot application conditions and are engineered to bond with just one pass of the squeegee.

Avery Dennison Fasson tapes’ low outgassing properties can contribute to overall environmental compliance efforts. For example, they are helpful in meeting the strict green-building standards in effect today, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings.

Nearly all Fasson insulation tapes are UL approved as installers and contractors are often required to employ acrylic adhesive tapes that have undergone testing by Underwriters’ Laboratory and earned UL/ULC certification in accordance with Canada’s ULC-S102 and US UL 723 standards. Some varieties of acrylic adhesive tapes are also approved for maritime use by the U.S. Coast Guard in accordance with International Maritime Organization standards.

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