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AFB™ for Automotive Applications
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AFB™ for Industrial Applications

AFB™ – Acrylic Foam Bond

Acrylic foam tape.

Our versatile acrylic foam bond portfolio of solutions is suitable for a wide range of component assembly, mounting and fixation applications in appliances, electronic devices, signage and graphics.

AFB is constructed of acrylic foam that is viscoelastic in nature with flow and self adhesion properties which offers excellent bonding to a broad range of substrates. The unique composition of acrylic foam chemistry provides exceptional durability

The acrylic foam bond line of products is designed for a wide range of industrial applications requiring a high level of bonding strength. Our acrylic foam tapes are engineered to provide strong tack and adhesion to a multiple range of substrates such as PC, ABS, PMMA and metal.

Multi Purpose Solution — AFB 61 Series

This viscoelastic acrylic foam tape features a double coated modified acrylic adhesive for better lamination.


  • Offers excellent bond strength on various materials, and resistance to plastisizer migration in vinyl substrates and environmental factors
  • Ideal for home appliance door frame mounting, washing machine control panel mounting, and display frame holder/front mask/decoration.

Color Options: Available in black, grey and white.

Multi Purpose Solution — AFB 61 Thin Series

This viscoelastic thin acrylic foam, double coated multi-purpose acrylic adhesive provides damping, cushioning and absorbing impact. 


  • Easy to die cut for a precise fit, this series can be used for gap filling and adhesion to irregular surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose foam bonding tape is ideal for television display and frame mounting, mobile phone and table frame mounting, and name plate attachments.

Color Options: Available in black.

Low Surface Energy Solution (LSE) – AFB 62 Series

This viscoelastic thin acrylic foam, double coated modified acrylic adhesive provides good bonding to medium and low surface energy substrates.


  • The conformable foam density allows for good lamination to irregular or mismatched surfaces. 
  • Helps seal against water and moisture. 
  • Ideal for glass board mounting, stiffener mounting, and home appliance mounting including refrigerator door mounting with powder coated panels.

Color Options: Available in black.

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Solution – AFB 64 Series

This conformable foam adhesive is a custom solution for low surface energy (LSE) substrates and features an additional layer of modified acrylic adhesive to enable bonding.


  • Ideal for application requiring high bonding strength with low surface energy materials such as home appliance assembly.
  • Ideal for application to many plastic and powder coated paints, and smooth surface general materials.

Color Options: Available in white.

Low Surface Energy (LSE) Solution – AFB 66 Series

Viscoelastic acrylic foam and general purpose acrylic adhesive. This economic bonding solution with high initial and ultimate bond strength is easy to apply and provides smooth look aesthetics for lamination to irregular or mismatched surfaces.


  • Ideal for metal or plastic bonding requiring high internal strength, appliance construction and attachments, lamination, nameplates and signage, furniture assembly, electronics mounting and television frame mounting.

Color Options: Available in grey and white.

General Purpose Solution – AFB 66 C Series

This transparent solid, dense adhesive offers excellent adhesion and clarity after aging and stain resistant properties.


  • Suitable for applications where clear or colorless adhesive is required. 
  • Suitable for glass or clear material fixation, seals between the inner and outer domes of skylights, and resin filled glass edge bonding.

Automotive Solution – AFB 86 Series

Developed for use on a variety of OEM paint systems and substrates, this acrylic foam bond adhesive is engineered to meet many of the most demanding attachment and mounting requirements. 


  • Offers high adhesion combined with good shear and stress relaxation to provide high bond strength to irregular or curved surfaces.
  • Ideal for automotive exterior badge, emblem and logo applications.