High Performance Acrylic Adhesive for LSE Substrates

High performance acrylic with high holding power and stress resistance for low surface energy bonding

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HPA – High Shear Performance
HPA – High Shear Performance

Designed for bonding to a wide variety of low surface energy  (LSE) plastics, metals and paints, this versatile high performance acrylic laminating adhesive is ideal for applications where high temperature performance, long term holding power and resistance to harsh environments are required.

Product Family

HPA 2922, HPA 2925



  • Moisture stable liner
  • Specially developed cross-linking adhesive
  • Highly engineered modified acrylic adhesive
  • High immediate adhesion on wide range of low surface energy  (LSE) plastics


  • High temperature holding power
  • Outstanding resistance to solvents, chemicals, plasticizers, moisture, temperature and UV light


  • Graphics
  • Control Panel Attachment
  • Decorative Trims
  • Labels
  • Antenna Mounting
  • Assembly
  • Name Plates
  • Security Documents

Adhesive Type = Pure Acrylic


  Total TapeThickness
Shear Operating Temperatures

Readily Available
μm Type
μm Type
    MaxContinuous Max Intermittent Type
°F °C °F °C
HPA 2922 4.7 119 White AD Imprinted PPP 4.9 125 - M H 266 130 392 200 Transfer Tape AP, EU
HPA 2925 2.0 51 White AD Imprinted PPP- White PPP 9.8 250 - M H 266 130 392 200 Transfer Tape AP, EU


Technical Data Information
MSDS Information
HPA 2922
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HPA 2925
Download AP - Download EU - Download