High End Elastomeric Adhesive

Unique elastomeric adhesive ideal for foam bonding applications

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A comprehensive product portfolio with distinctive and differentiating technical advantages at competitive prices, specifically designed for foam and fiber bonding applications

Product Family

FT 21056, FT 7956



  • Innovative new elastomeric adhesive
  • Easy release liner



  • Excellent adhesion to curved surfaces as well as LSE substrates  such as PPs
  • Optimum adhesion to un-clean surfaces in industrial environments such as greasy steel
  • Increased internal strength allows heavy layer/high density foam usage
  • High resistance to humidity/water
  • Ideal adhesive for foam lamination
  • Facilitates easy removal at point of application



  • Foam and Fiber Bonding
  • Gaskets
  • Cable Wrap
  • Carpet
  • Metal to Glass Bonding
  • Weather Strip
  • Insulation
  • Overnight Box Closure
  • Flexible Packaging

Adhesive Type = Elastomer


  Total TapeThickness Liner Carrier Adhesion Shear Operating Temperatures
Readily Available
μm Type
μm Type
    MaxContinuous Max Intermittent Type
°F °C °F °C
FT 21056 2.1 53 Glassine 3.0 75 - H M 203 95 212 100 Transfer Tape EU
FT 7956 6.2 157 Glassine 3.0 75 Polyester Scrim
H M 194 90 203 95 Double
Coated Scrim


Technical Data Information
MSDS Information
FT 21056
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FT 7956
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