New Product Names for Mactac Europe Tapes

Previous Mactac Product Name New Avery Dennison Product Name
Aluminum Foil AF545 FL 545
Aluminum Foil AF545 P FL 545 P
Aluminum Foil AF545 PM FL 545 PM
Aluminum Foil AF546 FL 546
CPF55-805 Mariner CPF 55 805 Mariner
MACbak 7004 FT 7004
MACbond B1121 FT B1121
MACbond B1136 FT B1136
MACbond B1148 FT B1148
MACbond B1149 FT B1149
MACbond B1152 FT B1152
MACbond B1200 FT B1200
MACbond B2100 FT B2100
MACbond B2112 FT B2112
MACbond B2124 FT B2124
MACbond B2133 FT B2133
MACbond B2173 FT B2173
MACbond B2183 FT B2183
MACbond B2391 FT B2391
MACbond B2687 FT B2687
MACfilm F1022 FT F1022
MACfilm F2001 FT F2001
MACfilm F2001 MAT FT F2001 MAT
MACfilm F2001 PET FT F2001 PET
MACfilm F2017 FT F2017
MACfilm F2023 FT F2023
MACfilm F2065 GP FT F2065 GP
MACfilm F2070 FT F2070
MACfilm F2072 FT F2072
MACfilm F2079 FT F2079
MACfilm F2079 GP HCWT FT F2079 GP HCWT
MACfilm F2079 HCWT FT F2079 HCWT
MACmount M1702 FM M1702
MACmount M1702 BP FM M1702 BP
MACmount M1705 WH FM M1705 WH
MACmount M1707 FM M1707
MACmount M1711 FM M1711
MACmount M1711 BP FM M1711 BP
MACmount M1712 FM M1712
MACmount M1750 FM M1750
MACmount M1750 BP FM M1750 BP
MACmount M1770 FM M1770
MACmount M1780 FM M1780
MACmount M2705 FM M2705
MACmount M2713 Clearback FM M2713 Clearback
MACmount M2750 FM M2750
MACmount M2751 WH FM M2751 WH
MACmount M2757 FM M2757
MACtouch T4020T FT T4020T
MACtouch T4023T FT T4023T
MACtouch T4040 NBP FT T4040 NBP
MACtouch T4060 FT T4060
MACtouch T9020T FT T9020T
Optical Film 2429 OF 2429
Optical Film 2475 OF 2475
Optical Film 2494 Blue OF 2494 Blue
Optical Film 2494 SW Blue OF 2494 SW Blue
Optical Film 2495 Green OF 2495 Green
Optical Film 2495 SW Green OF 2495 SW Green
Protective Film 55 PF 55
Protective Film 55 SW PF 55 SW
XD 2527 XD 2527
XD 3137 XD 3137
XD 3827 XD 3827