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A New Generation of Acrylic Adhesive Insulation Tapes

If you‘re a thermal insulation installer or contractor, then you know the challenges associated with installing conventional insulation tapes. They can require the use of mastics, for example, which require time to set and dry, and they function reliably only within a limited temperature range. Now, help has arrived in the form of new generations of pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive tapes, which reduce the need for mastics and perform reliably in continuous temperatures up to 200F/93C. Avery Dennison Performance Tapes’ Dave Shuey examines the new tapes with insights.

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Advancements in Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Can Speed Assembly in Multiple Industries

Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives are becoming the preferred bonding method in a growing number of applications across diverse industries, replacing liquid and spray adhesives, mechanical fasteners and other bonding and fastening systems. Avery Dennison’s Herb Bowling takes a look at these advanced adhesive tapes in a piece he authored for Assembly magazine.

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Evolving Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Technology Keeps Pace with Demands for Sophisticated Industrial Applications

Components made of advanced materials in the automotive, consumer electronics, HVAC and other industries are calling for increasingly sophisticated bonding solutions. Too often, conventional adhesives and bonding systems are just not up to the job. Enter a range of advanced acrylic adhesive technologies used in pressure-sensitive tapes that keep pace with evolving industrial requirements. Avery Dennison Performance Tapes’ Tom Epple surveys the tapes in a piece he wrote for Adhesives & Sealants magazine.

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